For the love of food!

Welcome to Paleo and Juliet, the perfect union of food and health!

Whether you’re new to Paleo or seasoned Paleolithic, our hope is to share ideas, information, recipes and resources to help you with your journey and share ideas on other things non-Paleo.

Initially, our relationship with Paleo was very short, resulting in a breakup. The problem? We didn’t really know Paleo and that may be the case with you.

If you have allergies or food sensitivities, chances are practical Paleo may not offer the relief you need; whereas, Auto Immune Paleo (AIP) will most likely be the ticket. When we said, “We’re all in!” we combined AIP with the rotation diet and haven’t looked back. As with anything, it’s all about commitment and perseverance. Remember, if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’re gonna keep getting what you’ve been getting (I think that’s a Dave Ramsey quote).

Whether your intent is to eat clean and healthy, avoid allergies or improve/eliminate an auto immune disorder, Paleo is very promising. Admittedly, it can be overwhelming. You may see terms and abbreviations like dysbiosis, FODMAP, AIP and GAPS, and feel lost or frustrated. No worries. If you’re new to Paleo and not sure where to begin, Paleo and Juliet has a page especially for you! (See: Beginning Paleo).


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