Why people go Paleo

fWe failed Paleo the first time we engaged in the Paleo approach, but it was our lack of knowing what we were doing. You see, we began Paleo as an attempt to heal my husband from an ulcerative colitis flare that was ebbing on one year in duration. We jumped right in, got on board, made a new grocery list and headed out the door (it’s amazing at the lengths you’ll go once your health is in jeopardy).

An hour and $120 later, the refrigerator and shelves were Paleo approved. However, twenty-one meals or more later, there had been no real improvement in my husband’s health. We hit the books and the internet again and this time we had an ah-ha moment…we needed to follow the Auto Immune Protocol for Paleo (AIP). Back to the store.

It’s now been six weeks and he has experienced more improvement in these weeks than in the past year. Aside from AIP, we did add other things to his protocol which I’ll share later. For now, it seems we can breathe a little easier. Although he’s not out of the woods, he does seem to be on the right path.

That is the ‘why’ to our beginning Paleo. Everyone has a why, whether it’s a logical reason or not. Below is a list of many reasons people ‘go Paleo’. Included are some links to Paleo narratives that are worth the read. If your reason for Paleo isn’t listed, please share in the comments!

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