Paleo & Juliet, about the name…

Paleo and Juliet – it’s a catchy name. My daughter came up with it. I liked it and thought it’d be a perfect fit. Paleo is for Paleo and Juliet, well, it’s for everything else!

There’s too much that goes on in life for me to focus strictly on Paleo (in case I haven’t mentioned, we are not 100% Paleo and neither are all recipes). We do eat healthy though and when I’m not working, I like to:

  • cook
  • garden
  • craft
  • read
  • write
  • watch tv
  • play with the kids and grandkids
  • do work
  • share long talks and laughs with my daughter
  • walk in the woods
  • look for bears
  • ride the pastures
  • play with the dogs
  • listen to my son’s funny stories
  • watch our finicky cats
  • kayak lakes and rivers
  • fish
  • do bible study
  • hang with friends
  • mow the yard
  • spend time with my church family
  • go shopping
  • walk a creek bank
  • find good deals
  • embrace the rain
  • sit by a fire
  • enjoy coffee (I love coffee)
  • anticipate snow
  • research alternative medicine
  • play games
  • plan events
  • listen to music
  • pick and cut-up with my bonus son
  • watch my granddaughters and grandson grow and learn
  • face paint
  • find four-leaf clovers
  • ride the Blue Ridge Parkway
  • learn self-sustainability methods
  • travel
  • pray
  • go camping
  • spend as much time as possible with my husband
  • laugh a lot
  • look for arrowheads
  • buy an occasional lottery ticket
  • daydream (about winning the lottery!)
  • enjoy a gluten-free pizza
  • make homemade yogurt
  • reminisce days, moments, conversations, laughs I had with my mom and dad
  • spend time in the mountains
  • dancing at the country store
  • doing simple things
  • enjoying life

Those are a few of the things I like to spend time doing/thinking about and will be some of the topics I write about. I hope you follow!

Juliet (the writer in me)

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