Paleo & Juliet, about the name…

Paleo and Juliet – it’s a catchy name. My daughter came up with it. I liked it and thought it’d be a perfect fit for the blog. Paleo is for Paleo and Juliet, well, it’s the feminine side for everything else.

There’s too much that goes on in life for me to focus strictly on Paleo (in case I haven’t mentioned, we are not 100% Paleo and neither are all recipes). My feminine side likes to:

  • cook
  • garden
  • craft
  • read
  • write
  • watch tv
  • play with the kids and grandkids
  • do work
  • share long talks and laughs with my daughter
  • walk in the woods
  • look for bears
  • ride the pastures
  • play with the dogs
  • listen to my son’s funny stories
  • watch our finicky cats
  • kayak lakes and rivers
  • fish
  • do bible study
  • hang with friends
  • mow the yard
  • spend time with my church family
  • go shopping
  • walk a creek bank
  • find good deals
  • embrace the rain
  • sit by a fire
  • enjoy coffee (I love coffee)
  • anticipate snow
  • research alternative medicine
  • play games
  • plan events
  • listen to music
  • pick and cut-up with my bonus son
  • watch my granddaughters grow and learn
  • face paint
  • find four-leaf clovers
  • ride the Blue Ridge Parkway
  • learn self-sustainability methods
  • travel
  • pray
  • go camping
  • spend as much time as possible with my husband
  • laugh a lot
  • look for arrowheads
  • buy an occasional lottery ticket
  • daydream (about winning the lottery!)
  • enjoy a gluten-free pizza
  • make homemade yogurt
  • reminisce days, moments, conversations, laughs I’ve had with my mom and dad when they were living
  • spend time in the mountains
  • dancing at the country store
  • doing simple things
  • enjoying life

Those are a few of the things I like to spend time doing or think about when I’m not focused on Paleo and will be some of the topics I write about with readers. I hope you follow!

Juliet (the writer in me)


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