When you stray from Paleo…

The absence of gluten makes Paleo a positive thing for me. After eating gluten-free (way before Paleo), I had significant improvement in my morning stiffness, neck/joint pain and allergies. I’ve tested negative for celiac and celiac sprue so it’s kind of befuddling. At any rate, I can tell you what I experience when I do eat gluten after being gluten-free for a while.

My daughter made some fresh zucchini bread the other day and had an abundance. She called and asked if I wanted some but gave me a straight heads up that it would be a stray from gluten-free. It was my daughter! Not to mention she’s an excellent cook. So I said yes, and within minutes, she brought a loaf to me at work and I savored it with coffee……throughout the day. Half of it the first day. By the end of the day, I felt so full, bloated and tired, I purposely left the remaining bread wrapped securely on my desk.

Day two. I had no intention of eating more of this delicious, seductive, addictive compilation of garden goodness. That is, until I sat down at my desk with a cup of coffee, looked over and saw the remaining loaf and remembered how excellently it paired with my cup of Joe. Fast forward, I finished it off. It. was. so. good.

Let me just say, when you’ve gone gluten-free, you don’t have those sweet-salty cycles anymore – until you eat gluten again. So the afternoon I spent trying to ignore those cravings. By 6 pm, I felt I was getting a sinus infection: stuffy nose, itchy/stuffy ears, headache – all added to the fullness, bloating and tiredness. I was a mess.

The good thing is, from experience I know that within four days I’ll be back to my old self (providing I don’t stray again).

Do you stray from Paleo? If so, what are your experiences? Please feel free to share in comments. While you do, I’m going to contemplate a three-day fast. That’s the quickest way for me to bounce back!

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