Paleo blueberry muffins

I’m not sure why being snowed in makes you want to eat, but over the past two days I’ve made homemade pimento cheese, a spa-ghetti-artichoke-mushroom dish, vegetable soup, venison meatloaf, creamed potatoes, peas and carrots, hot wings, cinnamon-orange-pineapple ‘joe’, and some blueberry muffins. There’s only two of us!!!

At any rate, cruising Facebook, it appears I’m not alone. Everyone’s feeds are littered with those complaining about chronic eating while we weather the storm. So let it snow!

Now, about those blueberry muffins…

I’ve tried several gluten free muffin recipes and most fall into one of two categories, dry or undercooked/super-eggy in the center. This recipe was perfect! Thanks to Monica Bravo at Bravo for Paleo for this recipe!

Keep in mind, the quality of your ingredients are paramount to the results. I used organic blueberries (frozen), Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour, Carrington Farm’s coconut oil, free range eggs, grade A maple syrup, sea salt, Arm & Hammer baking soda, and Diamond brand almond milk instead of coconut milk, because it’s what I had. I didn’t use vanilla flavoring, simply because I didn’t have any on hand. I did use muffin liners to avoid having to use extra coconut oil and risk my muffin pan loving the muffins as much as I do.

This was a great recipe, one I’ll definitely make again. Not overly sweet, with just the right texture. If needed, you could sweeten it up by adding coconut sugar to the muffin tops. I thought Monica’s recipe was perfect as it was. Try it and enjoy! 12583824_10207408355400425_1192774735_nI’m thinking I may try this recipe again replacing blueberries with cranberries, just to add some variety.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Monica says:

    Thanks for sharing!! So glad you liked it


    1. P&J says:

      You’re welcome. We shared muffins today at our work and they did not disappoint! My husband’s friend said they were phenomenal, and he’s non-paleo! What a compliment!


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