My daughter, Ashley is a yoga enthusiast. As I watch her practice and see her challenge posts, my mind gravitates to the beauty and grace contained within her. How can this be the same lanky soccer player that kept me in stitches with the “Elaine dance”?



Now she’s a mommy and a lean, mean, yoga-machine that’s inspired me to do yoga. I mean it wasn’t an instant, “I wanna do that!” It’s like I told her, she’s a butterfly and I’m a….well, pigs don’t do yoga!

Please spare the comments about me calling myself a pig. I’m not a pig in an obese sense of the word, I’m a pig in that I love to eat and do not get a healthy dose of daily exercise. Hence, yopi (yoga for those who love eating and lack exercise). So, I’ve worked up to getting started with the goal of transforming into one day, a butterfly.

Even my granddaughter, Oaklee, loves her mom’s yoga workouts. Here she is doing the downward dog…

downward dog

And because she’s too cute to not see her face…here she is covered in birthday cake.


As for my daughter, here’s some of her posts that have me thinking….’I wanna do that!’

ash yoga            ashley yoga

snow yoga

Two days ago I began with a beginner’s session. I had no idea I’d committed to a real workout. I stretched within my limits. I perspired lightly. I realized how out of shape I am. It’s all good though, I’m a pig in butterfly training and it feels great!

 pigs and butterflies.jpg

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