One way to save a recipe flop

My son asked for a vanilla cake. Wanting it to be healthy and delicious, I started looking for recipes (Paleo) online. I came across one named “My Famous Vanilla Cake (Moist and Heavenly). The cake pictured made my mouth water just looking at it. The recipe had been reposted on Pinterest, and numerous other sites. It HAD to be good, right?

Well, I knew there were issues when I had to literally “piece” the dough in the pan. After baking the height of the cake didn’t warrant slicing in two. I had followed the recipe and used premium ingredients. What a fail. I was so disappointed. Not just the fact that I did not have a vanilla cake for Jon, but at the waste of money on ingredients, as eating healthy does not come cheap.


Determined to not let it go to waste, I did as instructed and sliced the “cake” in two and placed both sections on the counter on freezer paper. I got out my biscuit cutter and cut cookies out of both pieces of cake. Tasting crumbs, I knew the mess of cake I had in front of me had potential.

I lined a cupcake pan and placed a “cookie” in each liner. Melted some coconut oil and Enjoy Life chocolate chips and drizzled on top. Allowed each to cool completely then transferred to a container and refrigerated.

The end result? Some pretty doggone cookies that didn’t last but a couple of days. So the next time you have a kitchen fail, think of ways you can redeem what you have. Granted, the end result may not always be what you intended for but the key is to allow creativity to prevail and feed your family instead of wildlife.


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