Gluten free pizza pairs perfect with Type 1 Diabetes

This past fall marked one year that my son Jonathan (23 years old), was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Although hard to believe, instead of sitting around and dwelling on it, with the help of nurse educators and the internet, he, his now wife, Savannah and the rest of his support team, got educated. He and Savannah immediately (and drastically) changed their diet.

One of the realizations that came with time, was the fact that, what one person with T1D can eat without issue, doesn’t mean it won’t affect another negatively. In Jon’s case, one of his favorite foods was culprit to spiking sugar levels.

Which food? Pizza.

The problem with pizza was the crust. The crust is loaded with carbs and gluten (unless gluten free). So we tried a gluten free pizza crust made from summer squash, eggs, basil, oregano, shredded cheese and garlic salt. The results have been progressively amazing. Why progressively amazing? The first few times I had to tweak the recipe to keep it from being so eggy, then spread it out thinner in order to get it crispy, and lastly to experiment with baking times.


Above, before baking….

Below, baked crust and loaded….toothpicks are markers for items yummy for me, but  unfriendly for Ulcerative Colitis.


The end result…



With a vegetable crust, you won’t feel bloated and if you’re T1D, opting for a gluten free pizza can certainly help in your efforts to keep your sugar stable!

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