Paleo: less is more


Sometimes it takes the simplest of things to jumpstart our thinking.

Simba (pictured above) and Nala, our 12 year old cat rescues (although I still don’t know what they were rescued from) have gorgingly eaten the same food for 12 years. A couple of weeks ago, Simba’s extreme bout with vomiting prompted a trip to the vet. Lots of money, tests and IVs later, it was deemed we needed to switch his food to a more nutritionally dense product.

I was skeptical Simba would even eat the new food because the old food provided “100% complete and balanced nutrition” and it’s all they eat; porkishly well I might add. To our surprise, both abandoned their 12 year old diet routine and now consume half the amount of food. They’re eating less and getting more nutrition. That’s the same with Paleo!

When you change you diet to eliminate the non-nutritive fillers, you also eliminate a lot of cravings. All your body desires is fuel. When you give it a weak variety, it craves more. When you fuel your car, you don’t dilute the fuel to make it last longer. Some even put in the very best, highest octane, because they care about their investment.

What makes food nutritionally dense? Lots of nutrition with the fewest calories and nothing that’s not supposed to be there. Sounds like organic or locally grown, right? Those are the best options but any improvement is a step in the right direction.


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